Premiere Detox

Premiere programs include detailed diagnostics, medical, therapeutic and aesthetic tests and check-ups as well as numerous rebalancing and functional treatments. Before starting there will be a physical assessment for your personal wishes and goals. We see it as a winning combination to help you to achieve lasting and long-term success through our Premiere spa philosophy.

1. Light Detox Program

3, 6 or 13 days of Light Detox Program for those who want to purify themselves and rebalance their energy in a natural non-invasive way, without upsetting their lifestyle.

2. Deep Detox program

Deep Detox program of 3, 6 or 13 days has been designed for those who want to detoxify in an incisive and determined way, after having had discomfort to their well-being due to accumulated fatigue, harmful waste and physiological and psychological toxins, after a hospitalization or a particularly stressful period mentally or physically, but also spiritually.

Premiere Detox programs have been made to purify and detoxify your body at different levels:


Both involve daily immersion in thermal waters and mud, following an individually structured path that allows you to purify and lighten the body, freeing it from toxins, excess water stagnation and tensions that stiffen muscles and thoughts. The effectiveness of the program is completed by a series of detoxifying treatments and massages, also performed in hyperthermal salt-bromine-iodine water. Biologique Recherche face and body rituals are inevitable, as well as personalized advice from the nutritionist. Yoga sessions are strongly recommended to instill the serenity and awareness necessary to maintain the benefits achieved.

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