Première Relax

Premiere programs include detailed diagnostics, medical, therapeutic and aesthetic tests and check-ups as well as numerous rebalancing and functional treatments. Before starting there will be a physical assessment for your personal wishes and goals. We see it as a winning combination to help you to achieve lasting and long-term success through our Premiere spa philosophy.

1. Passive Relax Program

is for those who do not want to follow the rules if not their personal ones. Those who want to take a break from everything that is "good for you / dietary / healthy".


We banish these concepts, we wrap you in the skilled hands of therapists, you will follow a diet free from prohibitions and restrictions and you will indulge in the sweet "doing nothing" in our thermal paradise.

2. Active Relax Program

is proposed for those who intend to reach the best physical shape but with a lot of calm and serenity, being guided by our experts in nutrition, thermalism, physical activity and massage physiotherapy.

Both dedicated to women and men who wish to maintain the splendor of youth, clarity and mental speed as well as a spiritual regeneration, thanks to daily immersion in water and thermal muds that favor the purification of the organism and an extraordinary cell turnover, true " weapon of attack against aging and acidification processes.


The effectiveness is completed by a series of Biologique Recherche face and body treatments and personalized nutrition.

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