Première Reshape

Premiere programs include detailed diagnostics, medical, therapeutic and aesthetic tests and check-ups as well as numerous rebalancing and functional treatments. Before starting there will be a physical assessment for your personal wishes and goals. We see it as a winning combination to help you to achieve lasting and long-term success through our Premiere spa philosophy.

1. Reshape Face Program

a 3, 6 or 13 day remodeling program, necessary following the emptying and sagging of the oval due to loss of tone due to drastic diets or simply with the passage of time.


Sometimes, however, the face must be reshaped in the presence of excess adipose tissue in the area of the same and around the neck and décolleté. Of course, the program will involve the whole body, to get tangible results on your face.

2. Reshape Body Program

of 3, 6 or 13 days is for those who want to find lightness and ease with their body in a few days.


Path structured in an effective and pleasant way so as to have a new lifestyle even after returning home.

For both programs there are daily immersion or alternate days in water and thermal mud, which allows you to deeply purify yourself by freeing yourself from excess fluids and toxins that slow down the metabolism and promote the accumulation of fats, a series of treatments Personalized face Biologique Recherche, world leader in functional cosmetics, as well as massages and draining treatments as well as a tailor-made food program.


Yoga sessions and workouts with our Personal Trainer are strongly recommended. The Programs are also indicated after pregnancy to recover tone and weight.

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