Premiere Restart

Premiere programs include detailed diagnostics, medical, therapeutic and aesthetic tests and check-ups as well as numerous rebalancing and functional treatments. Before starting there will be a physical assessment for your personal wishes and goals. We see it as a winning combination to help you to achieve lasting and long-term success through our Premiere spa philosophy.

1. Restart Woman 40+ Program

of 3, 6 or 13 days for those who would like to regenerate the psyche and tone the tissues after a period dedicated to others, neglecting a little, rediscovering the spirit of a winner.

2. Restart Men's 50+ Program

of 3, 6 or 13 days is dedicated to those who believe that there are no ex-sportsmen, ex-optimists nor ex-young people - it's all in the desire to start over. A path that accompanies you in tissue regeneration, calms the psyche and restores the spirit to help you get back in perfect shape by regaining muscle tone, energy and fighting spirit.

3. Restart Sport program

of 3, 6 or 13 days is dedicated to athletes who have remained stationary for a period, due to trauma / operations suffered and now feel ready to get serious.

4. Restart from Covid program

has been designed for the discharged and recovered, those in convalescence, post quarantine or in post fiduciary home isolation. At Première you will find the right answer to your need to restart with life, now more than ever.

All four routes include daily immersions in thermal waters and muds that lead to accelerate exchanges between the body and the mineral salts of the water, promoting the loss of excess fluids and toxins. A series of specific massages for each Biologique Recherche program and treatments are essential to stimulate and reactivate circulation. Nutrition is rigorously tailored and monitored by our Medical Team to best adapt our philosophy to individual habits. A personalized workout schedule at our Technogym Fitness Center is highly recommended.

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