Première Spa is equipped according to the latest innovations in the world of wellness and offers guests programs created with a unique and innovative method.

Our health depends on a set of factors: genetics, eating habits and lifestyle.

The Première method provides in-depth clinical analysis of the current state of health in order to proceed with one of the Première Exclusive Programs, based on the synergy created between internationally recognized spa treatments,


highly personalized and effective nutrition using seasonal and km 0 training followed by our athletic trainers, ultramodern High Tech equipment and world famous cosmetic brand with the unique vision and methodology.

Thermal Treatment

Première has its own source of hyperthermal salt-bromine-iodine mineral water, with temperatures between 65 ° and 87 ° used for therapeutic purposes in the maturation, conservation and regeneration of our mature thermal mud, in balneotherapy and in inhalation therapies. There are 13 cabins available to our guests, dedicated to thermal mud therapy treatments with ozonated tubs.


Each program or single treatment always includes a therapeutic and aesthetic check-up with personalized advice.

Wellness Area

Première offers Signature Première and By Biologique Recherche face and body treatments combined with ultra-modern technologies. It has 9 massage cabins including 2 for couples, 2 medical surgeries and 2 cosmetic cabins. The hairdressing salon, manicure and pedicure cabin.


Each program or single treatment always includes a therapeutic and aesthetic check-up with personalized advice.

Salus Swimming Pool

outdoors of about 35°C and equipped with individual internal cylinder hydromassages and ergonomic immersed external beds, about 20x10 c large and 130cm deep.


Accessible from the Mediterranean park or from the inside, especially in the winter months, to enjoy exciting warm baths even while the Piscine (description) snow falls.

Virtus Swimming Pool

Indoor of about 20x10m with a constant depth of 140cm immersed in the central Relaxation Zone bordering the Kids Waterclub pool


Surrounded by large spaces where there are deckchairs and beds for each of our guests.

Venus Swimming Pool

Outdoor secluded, quiet and peaceful. It maintains a pleasant temperature around 30 ° C with bench whirlpools


completely immersed in the green of the Mediterranean park which enjoys its own mini beach with the sand of Puglia. 25x10m large and 150 cm to 2.2 m deep.

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